Our Journey

Several years ago, after reading article after article on the potentially harmful and possible cancer causing ingredients in bath and body products, I had an idea; why not make my own? I thought to myself, 'it’s just like cooking right? But instead of feeding your body internally you’re feeding it externally. I was excited about the idea, but I still had a little doubt. 

One day, soon after, while deliberating over this idea, I found a birthday card my daughter had given me years before. As I opened it to reminisce, I was drawn to what she had written inside; “Mom you need to realize the strength you have and conquer the barriers that keep you from where it is you want to be”. This was exactly the encouragement I needed. As a result, Swan & Lily became a reality.

Swan & Lily is a family-owned and operated business in Winter Haven, Florida. We use only high quality plant-based oils and butters in our products, which hydrate and moisturize your skin. Our Essential and Fragrant Oils are phthalate free and, our products are made in small batches to assure quality and consistency. We use only natural ingredients, and you can be assured there are no harmful chemical ingredients in any of our products. We are passionate about our products and are committed to the highest level of quality and customer service. Many of our products are vegan-friendly and gluten-free. We only test our products on humans and our packaging is recyclable.

Thank you for your interest in our company. We would love to hear from you and how you like our products!